The Gilchrist Collective

Peter & Barbara Snape, Brian Peters and Sue Burgess perform the English Folk Songs collected by Anne Gilchrist

The album is worthy and fascinating, but more importantly it is hugely entertaining…which was of course the point of every one of its nineteen tracks in the first place.

Time passes quickly as you listen and as The Fall of the Leaf (a version of Life of a Man) ends, you hope there will be a volume two soon.

TykesStirrings Spring 2023

‘Most truly yours, Aunt Anne’  celebrates the achievements of Anne Geddes Gilchrist OBE (1863-1954), who made an important collection of songs, tunes and folklore from her home in Lancashire and became a significant figure in the folk music world of the early 20th Century.

The Gilchrist Collective has been formed by four accomplished performers to tell her story for the first time, using narrative, lots of interesting images and a rich and varied selection of the songs she preserved.

Find out more about Anne Gilchrist and the Gilchrist Collective in this article from Living Tradition Magazine