A Song Seeker Found

An extremely enjoyable presentation, well-crafted and researched throughout with a real understanding and affection for both the story and the songs.

‘A Song Seeker Found’ is a folk song-based presentation about the folk song collector Fred Hamer, his search for folk songs in a number of English counties including Lancashire and his ‘Garners Gay’ English Folk Song collection.

Frederick Bracken Hamer, born in St Helens, Lancashire became a keen Morris dancer and was also a member of the Executive Committee of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Later in life however, he turned his attention to folk song collecting and, despite becoming totally blind in 1952, started tape-recording singers in areas of the country that were somewhat unexplored and had not been well covered by other collectors.

Without him, a number of folk songs from various locations would have been lost forever and to do this when blind characterises his purposeful determination.